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Madeline Romeo CPT, CES, CCE


Madeline’s 3-Step Toning System works your entire body!  In 30 minutes, 3 days a week, you will experience 3 specialized workouts that tighten, tone, and sculpt your body.

‘It feels like Madeline is in your living room with you!’

Why It Works:
Your body was made to burn calories.  However, we need our muscles to do that for us!
Each 30 minute workout will work new muscle groups, to ensure that we build strength and sculpt head to toe.  By the end of your week, every muscle in your body could be burning more calories.
  • Day 1 - Tight & Toned Chest, Buns, and Abs!
  • Day 2 - Tight & Toned Back, Thighs, Calves, and Shoulders!
  • Day 3 - Tight & Toned Arms, Inner & Outer Thighs, and Abs!
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