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Madeline Romeo CPT, CES, CCE, FNS
Exercise Through Pregnancy
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As a Child Birth Educator, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrtion Specialist, and a Mom, Madeline has created Exercising Through Pregnancy Workout.  The workout includes strength, core, and stretching segments. Madeline walks you through each exercise so it is specific for your level of fitness and stage of pregnancy.

Exercise has shown to be vital through pregnancy.  You can benefit from better overall health, psychological well-being, coping, lowering labor risks, and a faster healing process.

Research has also shown that women who exercise early in pregnancy or continue exercise through pregnancy benefit from a healthy pregnancy as well as a quicker recovery.

This Digital Download includes 3 segments:
  1. Warm Up & Strength
  2. Core Exercises
  3. Stretching and Relaxation


This is about being fit and toned for life!

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