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Madeline Romeo CPT, CES, CCE
Madeline's Bio

No acting, just results!


Madeline’s passion for fitness started on the side of her high school track.  Her coach inspired her.  ‘When I felt I just couldn’t push any harder, she looked at me and saw potential and drive.’  She went on to compete in championship college track and cross country.  With a coach cheering her on, she was a championship runner every season.

She went on to running 7 marathon including the Boston Marathon, triathlons, and Napa’s Half-Ironman.

‘What I realized is that we ALL need a coach.  We all need someone that can help us see our strength and abilities.  That can push us further than we can push ourselves.’


Training & Certifications
Madeline is a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, and Child Birth Educator.  Her education background is in Athletic Training, Health Science, and Coaching.  She started as an Athletic Trainer in 2000 and continued on as a Coach and Personal Trainer in 2002.  When Madeline entered the Training field, she knew there was a better way to get lean and tone without undesirable results or injuring yourself.


Madeline’s secret to success is strength training.  For years, her clients have benefited from her method with weight loss, strength, toning, and injury prevention.
Without long hours in the gym or heavy lifting, YOU can benefit from this method!
Madeline’s system is what keeps her fit and toned.  ‘This doesn’t come naturally, I have to work for it!’


Community Involvement
Giving back to the community is important to Madeline.  She gives talks and clinics to teach about our bodies and how they work.  Many of these clinics are to benefit a charity.


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